Is a different Leadership approach needed?

As children we are energetic, creative and courageous. But as adults we become inhibited, responsible and play it safe. And as employees we often lose much of what made us special in the first place.

Yet the most creative, innovative and collaborative teams are the ones which engage the greatest diversity of special talents, backgrounds and outlooks. Could organisations become more entrepreneurial by bringing out the positive energy and uniqueness of their natural N-stinctive Intelligence (NQ)?

We believe so.

Our programmes are designed to uncover the hidden strengths of team players. Strengths that have become buried from years of conformity, processes and hierarchies. We call it N-stinctive Intelligence, and it’s our endeavour to unleash it to disrupt stale behaviours and to spark new creative energy – the entrepreneurial-ism which is so essential for future profit development.

Our methodologies may seem unorthodox – for example we use horses to rapidly identify issues within a team – but that is what makes us a breath of fresh air to so many bold clients who want more than the standard management consultancy approach.

Working with horses brings immediate feedback about your innate leadership styles, your approach to creativity, and problem solving as well as many other default behaviours. Their response to your behaviour will be non-judgmental, unbiased, and honest. What you will learn from their response will show you your hidden strengths and talents, which you can then employ without delay.

It will be more memorable, more sustainable learning and give a clearer insight into your world than any other profiling tool, business consultant or course will give you. Located in Bath, our venue will take you into a pocket of another world… log fires and hot soup in winter, picnics and home-made lemonade on the lawns in summer. Just bring yourselves, an open mind and the expectation of change.

All our programmes are bespoke.

N-Stinctive Intelligence – Who is it for? Change makers, business leaders, teams, individuals and thought leaders.