Loss of momentum is contagious, people want to feel that they have a purpose and that their work matters. Any form of dis-engagment or lack of ownership costs the company a fortune, in product output, recruitment sales and in human potential. When you are first recruited for your role in any organisation you are “cock a hoop” you bring passion, positivity, and performance over and above what is expected of you this is termed “discretionary effort” and is what determines a company that is good to a company that is great.


N-stinctive Intelligence will reunite you with your enthusiasm and spirit for challenge and advancement, celebrate your core strengths and give you a new tool-box of skills that can be applied immediately.



  • Liberated leadership.
  • Blueprint for your business aligned engaging and adaptable.
  • Leading with clear vision into the future.
  • Collaboration versus competition.
  • Drive transformational change increase growth.
  • Re-energise the business.
  • Trusting your instincts.
  • Inspire trust and loyalty in your team.
  • Make your business crisis proof.
  • Actively engage your workforce.
  • Drive the business forward.