“What a great day! With no experience of horses, I didn’t really know what to expect, however, it was a unique and innovative way to get across the principles of leadership. The simple exercise of leading a horse was fascinating as it immediately exposed your natural leadership skills, the need to be patient and persuasive, but at the same time to be confident and lead. I particularly liked the focus on ‘strength based leadership’ and the approach to using your natural energy to bring about change. I would most definitely recommend the day.”

Pete Forrest


"This programme will transform your thinking and actions, and teach you how to embrace and extract the greatness in others."

It is outstanding!

Paul Ranford

General Manager KBRS Machining

“Illuminating, revealing, provocative, grounding, affirming, and expanding.”

Debbie Henderson

MD of The Centre for Inspired Leadership

“N-stinctive Intelligence provides a safe environment where your personal and professional ‘being’ can be challenged and developed. With regard to leadership, our ability as leaders is often demonstrated by the way we communicate: how we listen and how we speak. With horses, we have to find different ways to lead, inspire and motivate. Rosie and her team provide the direction and the space to explore this, both as individuals and as teams. We left feeling more connected to our own self, to each other in a high performing team and the insights that we realised translate into the way we work with our clients. A very useful experience. Thank you.”

Achieve Breakthrough

“N-stinctive Intelligence ran a great team event for us and allowed us to get to conversations and development which was at a deep level that surprised us and through their expert guidance will have a lasting effect on me personally and my team.”

Mike Straw

CEO Achieve Breakthrough

“It’s got the highest memory recall, of all the courses I have ever been on. Forget classroom based courses, experiential learning is by far the best teacher!”

Simon Edlin

Senior Cabin Services Manager

"Over the years my team have been involved in many leadership courses and they were becoming a little repetitive, so I was looking for something different. N-stinctive Intelligence gave the team a unique way to see and learn more about their leadership traits. This alternative and novel approach has been very effective – I believe that some 2 months after the event we have seen only positive improvement in the team and importantly, I believe that it is long lasting. The team still talk of their experience with the horses, which just emphasises the unforgettable nature of the course.

A brilliant day and one I would recommend to anyone."

Chris Bushell

SVP Electronic Warfare SELEX ES

"The day we spent with Rosie and her team made a big impact on all of us, both at an individual level as well as collectively. As a global consultancy team, we don’t get many opportunities to spend time together, and we were delighted with both the insights as well as being able to share such a memorable experience. It helped us get much clearer about how we can lead together; recognising our shared responsibility for leading, following and partnering, which is something we also attempt to teach our clients. And working with the horses vividly demonstrated the power of intention."

Mike Jones

Lead Consultant, Bridge Europe

“I am a manager of children’s services for a national charity and my work involves management of several diverse projects including budgets, staffing and practice. I have completed conventional management qualifications and was intrigued to see what the equine assisted therapy could add to this. I found the preparation session invaluable in terms of new ideas for leadership models. I was able to see how I can be more effective and what I need support wise for myself in a whole new light. I would thoroughly recommend this training to managers who have done the rounds of management courses and also for those new to management. It’s a fast and creative way to find out a lot about yourself as a leader. Following the course I have been able to apply what I have learnt on many occasions. I can see where I may need to adapt my leadership style with colleagues and service users and I have been more effective in moving difficult situations forward. I also understand my limits and feel I am achieving a better work /life balance.”

Alison Cowley

Dr Banardo’s

“When I took part in the programme the organisation I lead (a large school with over 150 employees and 1,500 students) was just about to undergo major change and I needed to be feeling confident and clear in my vision to lead the organisation through this change. After the programme I noticed a difference in myself back in the work place. Because the lessons I learned occupied my whole person rather than just my head and involved doing things I didn’t think I could do I really noticed a difference in confidence and optimism about the year of change ahead. So far it is all going really well!

I would thoroughly recommend this programme for its impact, enjoyment and personal development.”

Elizabeth Gilpin