Leadership presence is notoriously hard to define. People know it when they see it, but it's nearly impossible to break it down. Executive coaches recognise its importance and struggle endlessly to foster it in their clients. But exceptional leadership is difficult to describe in a textbook and methodically teach to others, primarily because it's a multifaceted, non-verbal phenomenon.


Through our uniquely different approach, the team at N-stinctive challenges delegates to step up, wake up and look up to their leadership potential. We achieve this in a non-confrontational, memorable and accelerated way with outstanding immediate results.



  • Knowing and embracing your personal default leadership style, and recognising and utilising other people’s leadership strengths.
  • Developing a high level of trust within the team, which will positively impact effective skills in delegation, communication, flexibility and collaboration.
  • Learning from each other through observation and increasing awareness of the unique attributes of each member of the team, which will encourage freedom to initiate and innovate collectively.
  • More effectively using and managing all resources both externally and internally, which will help with staff retention and reduce costs to the business.
  • Valuing diversity and appreciate its huge strength within an organisation.
  • Initiating new creative problem-solving skills.
  • Leveraging the strengths in the team.
  • Uncovering a toolkit of new skills that are immediately applicable.