Energy is everything. We live in an ‘always on’ society, and although we know that up to 93% of communication takes place non-verbally, it is rarely commentated on. What you notice in any company are levels of energy associated with different projects and people. Do you know what kind of energy you are bringing to the team? Are you aware of the shadow of the leader? Can you see how a bad or toxic shadow can lead to a huge energy drain that affects human and company resources?


With the finely-tuned awareness and sensitivity of a prey animal, horses read and respond to the energy being transmitted from our inner core. Insights are generated from the instant, honest, accurate feedback provided by the horses to how we are behaving around them.



  • Preventing burnout and stress.
  • Improving your ability to react quickly.
  • Developing awareness of your own energy indicator; how much petrol have you got left in the tank?
  • Tackling feelings of being overwhelmed effectively.
  • Creating forward movement.
  • Understanding the power of the body, and the need for congruency.