Followers want leaders who make decisions decisively but inclusively, interpret situations with rational and emotional intelligence and exude confidence and humility.

Bill Treasurer EO Speaker

Courage, right now in this climate of the unknown, could be the most vital ingredient or virtue that a leader or team can possess. It is the life force of a business. Animals display acts of great courage or instinct all the time. To a horse, we as humans represent more danger than any other living thing; we are deadly predators and they are our prey, and yet with courage horses accept our presence and interact with us.


Cascade this down into your business; courage in taking the initiative, having faith in people’s abilities, raising difficult issues, sharing unpopular opinions and pursuing pioneering efforts must ultimately have an impact on your bottom line and the morale of your workforce. Contrary to popular belief, courage can be taught and this module gives you a safe haven to try out courageous acts.



  • Turning good teams into great teams.
  • Reclaiming your authority.
  • Giving permission to challenge the status quo and to break the rules when necessary.
  • Valuing your own implicit wisdom, strength and authentic voice.
  • Driving innovation.
  • Developing your confidence as a risk taker and learn how to test your ideas and nurture your creativity.