Changing lives by empowering leaders using practical development solutions

I am a highly experienced Executive and Leadership Coach and Facilitator as well as an author on Leadership Development.

I specialise in transformation, innovation and supporting leaders’ growth. I cut through complexity to give both teams and individuals belief in themselves and a competitive edge, which is vital in today’s volatile environment. With comprehensive knowledge of learning philosophies and technologies, as well as their practical implications, I make insights and learning immediately relevant and applicable to any scenario in business or life.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked as a leadership consultant with national and international clients ranging from elite sports teams to established pharmaceutical companies and high-end start-ups. High-profile clients include, NHS, Bristol Grammar School, the Olympic Hockey team, Pfizer, the RFU, Topshop and creative agencies such as Upping Your Elvis.

Executive Coaching to empower

Using a broad range of coaching philosophies including NLP, somatic coaching and ontological coaching, I enable individuals to connect with their own power and become ‘better’ leaders in their business and personal lives.

Natural Intelligence for leadership

From my work within corporate and small business organisations, training and one-to-one sessions over three decades, I have realised that something very important is missing from leadership and training programmes. My new book details the key concept of Natural Intelligence for leaders. It’s a powerful, practical business book that you can read in half a day and apply immediately to the working environment.

To find out more about my memorable, simple and effective talent development solutions that can improve your business outcomes please contact me on +44(0)7702 803321 or email

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