We have all heard the stock phrases ‘stronger together’ and ‘only as good as the sum of its parts’, but we don’t always heed them. Animals, however, live this way every day, with great ease.


Through better connection we get better results; by stockpiling loyalty we have crisis-proof staff. Everything and everyone performs better. By learning how to connect with a sentient being in a safe environment, you can pass on this knowledge to your team, and through this experience increase connectivity on every level. As connection increases new possibilities open up, obstacles are overcome and we become better at managing our resources.



  • Enhancing communication and collaboration.
  • Examining group dynamics and break down walls.
  • Understanding the impact of first impressions and diversity.
  • Assessing boundaries - what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Developing awareness - what is my impact on others.
  • Recognising the value of reflection and introspection.
  • Re-wiring the hard drive of the team.