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Combatting stress in a competitive world

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Now back from the States, I found myself walking in Richmond Park for the first time in about 10 years. South west London used to be my home and I would spend many joyful hours with my dog, running cycling and walking, a great decompression at the end of the working day. Being here again felt nostalgic and good, with friends and in a familiar space. At first all was well, however, very quickly I started to feel anxious, energetically anxious, on edge, my gut told me something was wrong. Though oddly, on the surface, Richmond Park was still the same. I am fortunate that I do not to suffer with anxiety, as many people nowadays do, so it seemed even more unusual, and disturbing. There were many people in the park with it being a weekend, cyclists speeding by, young mothers running with small babies in pushchairs, joggers sprinting …